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What is the procedure to make a Demand Draft from State Bank of India?

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asked Feb 6 in General by [email protected] (270 points)

1 Answer

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answered Feb 6 by [email protected] (270 points)

A Demand Draft can be purchased in three ways:

a. At SBI Branches

b. Through OnlineSBI

c. SBI DigiVoucher

a. Procedure to purchase a Demand Draft at SBI Branches:

1. Fill the Draft/Banker’s Cheque Application Form (customers now have an option to use SBI DigiVoucher (discussed in (c) below) for paperless transaction):

In Favour of – The Beneficiary’s name on whom the DD is to be issued

Payable at – the City/branch on which the DD is to be issued

Amount – the amount of the DD

Exchange – the service charge of the Bank (as per the Service Charges for the respective amounts)

Name of the Applicant – the person requesting the DD

Signature of the Depositor – Note that the depositor can be different from the applicant

2. Submit the application at the Drafts issue counter or SWO, along with cash / cheque (Please note that, issue of DD with cash is acceptable upto ₹50000/- only, beyond which issuance is through debit to account / or through cheque or other instruments).

3. The Demand Draft is delivered if everything is in order.

b. Demand Draft through OnlineSBI:

1. Login to OnlineSBI at with your Internet banking credentials.

2. After successful login go to “Payments/Transfers” tab

3. Click on “Issue Demand Draft” under “Other Payments/Receipt”

4. Select the account which is to be debited (Note: Only transaction accounts can be used for this purpose).

5. Enter the amount

6. Enter the beneficiary’s name in the “In favour of” field

7. Enter the branch code where the Demand draft is Payable at.

8. Demand Draft delivery mode:

You can choose between


Collect in person: The Demand Draft will need to be collected from the branch (the user now has an option to choose the branch convenient to him/her). In which case, take a print out of the counterfoil generated and submit the counterfoil at the branch and collect the DD.


Courier: The DD will be despatched to the registered address within 5 working days (a charge of ₹40/- will be collected towards Courier/Postal charges)

c. SBI DigiVoucher:

SBI DigiVoucher is a convenient, paperless transaction facility available through Android app for smartphones. The customer can fill the details online and upon successful submission, just needs to provide the DigiVoucher number generated to the SWO. No separate application needs to be filled again at the branch.

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